The Gloucestershire Morris Mummers form every winter to entertain, delight, and cadge from patrons of the many pubs, inns, and hotels around the county.

Our traditional mummers play is from the Cotswold area of Gloucestershire.  Revived in the 1970s, then again in the late 1990s, and, according to us, the play is a popular part of our Christmas festivities.

The guerrilla drama wing of the Gloucestershire Morris.
Doctor, Beelzebub, Cleverlegs, St George, Father Christmas, Jack Finney
Turkish Knight, The Pig, The Horse

Unfortunately we were unable to delight our fan(s) in person in 2020 due to the C-19 shenanigans. But the Gloucestershire Morris Mummers are never daunted and normal service was resumed for December 2021.

We also perform the highly celebrated Gloucester City Mummers play which is only performed once a year on Boxing day outside Gloucester Cathedral.