Social Media
  • You can also follow us on FaceBook for updates, chat and the simplest way to keep up with the latest debates.
  • We have a Twitter presence at @bagmman to connect with venues and events ahead of scheduled performances.
  • Our Instagram account shows off the colour and movement of the dance. It’s all about the joy of coming together with friends for generous fun and laughter.
  • We have a Youtube account where we keep a video record of our dances – take a look and you’ll be surprised at the variety. These are also useful reminders here for our dancers when we are practicing a dance for the first time in ages! (hint, hint)
Useful links
  • The Morris Ring The Morris Ring was formed in 1934 and currently is an association of some 180 morris, sword and mummers clubs and teams keeping our wonderful traditions alive.
  • Glos Folk The Glos Folk Directory lists most Gloucestershire folk performers and groups.
  • Other Morris sides A listing of many sides in many places
Honours Boards

We are proud of those colleagues who we have lost over the years and whose company we miss, as our Passed Masters. We keep a remembrance of their service on our Honours Boards. Similarly we remember the dancers and musicians who have been elected over the years as Officers to lead the group; our Squire, Foreman and Bagman.

Our Archive

Our archives are currently in hard copy in the form of extensive scrap-books of notes, photos and cuttings, but a side-project to digitise the content is in development. We will make sure that it is available to link here when the time comes.

Privacy Notice

If you contact us to join the side, we will need to keep contact details to keep you updated, to arrange practices and performances and to facilitate travel-share, similarly we hold contact details for supporters who wish to be informed of our activity, and for our contacts at venues and hosts of events.

Our full privacy notice is in draft and will be hosted here as soon as it is approved by the Officers.

For more info – contact The Bagman