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Data Protection Policy- Gloucestershire Morris Men

1) Definitions

  1. Personal data is information about a person which is identifiable as being about them. It can be stored electronically or on paper, and includes images and audio recordings as well as written information.
  2. Data protection is about how we, as a group, ensure we protect the rights and privacy of individuals, and comply with the law, when collecting, storing, using, amending, sharing, destroying or deleting personal data.

2) Responsibility

  1. Overall and final responsibility for data protection lies with the Officers, who are responsible for overseeing activities and ensuring this policy is upheld.
  2. All Members are responsible for observing this policy, and related procedures, in all areas of their work for the group.

3) Overall policy statement

  1. Gloucestershire Morris Men needs to keep personal data about its officers, members and supporters in order to carry out its activities as a membership organisation.
  1. We will collect, store, use, amend, share, destroy or delete personal data only in ways which protect people’s privacy and comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and other relevant legislation.
  1. We will only collect, store and use the minimum amount of data that we need for clear purposes, and will not collect, store or use data we do not need.
  1. We will only collect, store and use data for:
    1. purposes for which the individual has given explicit consent, or
    2. purposes that are in our group’s legitimate interests, or
    3. contracts with the individual whose data it is, or
    4. to comply with legal obligations, or
    5. to protect someone’s life, or
    6. to perform public tasks.
  2. We will provide individuals with details of the data we have about them when requested by the relevant individual.
  3. We will delete data if requested by the relevant individual, unless we need to keep it for reasons of complying with the purposes.
  4. We will endeavor to keep personal data up-to-date and accurate.
  5. We will store personal data securely.
  6. We will keep clear records of the purposes of collecting and holding specific data, to ensure it is only used for these purposes.
  7. We will not share personal data with third parties without the explicit consent of the relevant individual, unless legally required to do so.
  8. We will endeavour not to have data breaches. In the event of a data breach, we will endeavour to rectify the breach by getting any lost or shared data back. We will evaluate our processes and understand how to avoid it happening again. Serious data breaches which may risk someone’s personal rights or freedoms will be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours, and to the individual concerned if the risk is high.
  9. To uphold this policy, we will maintain a set of data protection procedures for our officers and members to follow.

4) Review: This policy will be reviewed every two years


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Data Protection Procedures for Gloucestershire Morris Men

1) Introduction

  1. Gloucestershire Morris Men have a data protection policy which is reviewed regularly. In order to help us uphold the policy, we have created the following procedures which outline ways in which we collect, store, use, amend, share, destroy and delete personal data.
  1. These procedures cover the main, regular ways we collect and use personal data. We may from time to time collect and use data in ways not covered here. In these cases we will ensure our Data Protection Policy is upheld.

2) General procedures

  1. Data will be stored securely. 
  1. When it is stored electronically, it will be kept in password protected files. 
  1. When it is stored online in a third party website (e.g. Google Drive) we will ensure the third party comply with the GDPR. 
  1. When it is stored on paper it will be filed securely.
  1. When we no longer need data, or when someone has asked for their data to be deleted, it will be deleted securely. We will ensure that data is permanently deleted from computers, and that paper data is shredded.
  1. We will keep records of consent given for us to collect, use and store data. These records will be stored securely.

3) Mailing list

  1. We will maintain a mailing list. This will include the names and contact details of people who wish to receive news, publicity and fundraising information from Gloucestershire Morris Men.
  1. When people sign up to the list we will explain how their details will be used, how they will be stored, and that they may ask to be removed from the list at any time. We will ask them to give separate consent to receive publicity and fundraising messages, and will only send them messages which they have expressly consented to receive.
  1. We will not use the mailing list in any way that the individuals on it have not explicitly consented to.
  1. We will explain how to be removed from the list with every mailing.

5) Contacting members and supporters

  1. People support Gloucestershire Morris Men in a number of ways.
  1. We will maintain a list of contact details of our members and supporters. We will share news and requests for help with the people on this list.
  1. Supporters will be removed from the list if they have not engaged with the group for twenty four months. Members will be removed from the list at their request.
  1. When contacting people on this list, we will provide a privacy notice which explains why we have their information, what we are using it for, how long we will keep it, and that they can ask to have it deleted or amended at any time by contacting us.
  1. To allow people to work together to organise or support events for the group, it is sometimes necessary to share member and supporter contact details with other members and supporters. We will only do this with explicit consent.

6) Contacting Officers

  1. Officers need to be in contact with one another in order to run the organisation effectively and ensure its legal obligations are met.
  1. Officers’ contact details will be shared among the officers.
  1. Officers will not share each other’s contact details with anyone outside of that group, or use them for anything other than Gloucestershire Morris Men business, without explicit consent.

7) Review: These procedures will be reviewed every two years


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Privacy Notice:

Where Gloucestershire Morris men process personal data it is done in the following circumstances.  

1 We ask Officers of the Side to share their contact details between themselves in order to facilitate discussion, to make arrangements and to facilitate decision making.

2 All Members of the Side have traditionally been treated as if they have a Life Membership of Gloucestershire Morris Men, there is no subscription and there is no contract.
We ask Members of the Side to contribute contact details which are used by the Officers to maintain communications, to arrange and plan events and to support the arrangement of shared transport to events and practice. 

  • Members are listed as Active, Inactive or Retired and would be liable to be contacted by the officers with weekly notices, quarterly news or promotional material at different frequencies.
  • All Members would be notified of the AGM in September, its date, time and location.
  • Members who request to be removed from the Contact List will be removed completely and promptly.

3 Members of the public, or officers of other groups and societies will from time to time contact the Gloucestershire Morris Men to ask us to perform at events they are organising.  Contact details are shared with us in order to arrange the details of the event, and to inform our members of the places and dates where we are engaged to perform.  The time and location of these performances may also be used in publicity or promotional material.  Photographs taken at these public events may be used by us for promotional purposes.

  • This information is shared with us by the other parties as it forms our legitimate interest to know and share details of planned events and any changes to the programme.
  • We will keep the details of repeated or annual events (Fetes, Festivals and Fayres etc) on file to facilitate future planning.  Personal Data related to one-off events will be securely deleted after two years.
  • Our archivist will keep a scrapbook of our activity which may include photographs, press reports and promotional materials from the events.

4 We maintain a list of Pubs, Hotels and other venues and their contact details, across the area in order to facilitate making arrangements for our annual programme of events.  The information held is gathered from public or online sources.  The Bagman will update this information when he is made aware of inaccuracies. The time and location of these performances may also be used in publicity or promotional material.  

  • This information is shared with us by the other parties as it forms our legitimate interest to know and share details of planned events and any changes to the programme.

5 We maintain a contact list of our colleagues in Morris Governance organisations and in those other Morris Sides with whom we have previously shared hospitality or events.

Privacy Policy for Gloucestershire Morris


Privacy Notice for Gloucestershire Morris


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