Gloucester Folk Trail

We will be having a Morris Dancing open day at St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Road, Gloucester GL1 2QS on Saturday 19th February from 10am until 3pm
Come along – you’ll be more than welcome!

Published by Bils

From Cheshire via the East Neuk in the North and West Wight in the South, now sheltering 'neath the bosom of the Cotswold scarp. Pobble. Amateur enthusiast. Whimsical pragmatist. Half-arsed curmudgeon. Dodgy dancer. Slow starter. Wet Leftie. Fey Folkie. Tone deaf in both ears. Jaded cynic. Early riser. Wide awoke. Lover not fighter. Cryptic not cross words. Affable. Ineffable. Inert. he/they.

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